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Developing Brands: Belle Bamboo

The owners of Belle Bamboo came to us with a vision and a mission. After a little time brainstorming we came back to them with a professional logo that met their brief, and a website that serves to function their niche clientele and approach to business.

Specialist curators of stunning bamboo clothing in the UK, Belle's mission is to make sure that their customers receive handpicked, carefully selected items to help them live, feel, and sleep better. Their refined range of bamboo clothing provides a microscopic and delicate approach to an oversaturated industry rife with fast fashion.

The owners of Belle Bamboo were looking for a sleek, smart, and clean website build and one that would be easy for them to manage once it was completed. What we came up with was received well, and we worked with them to produce the finishing touches.

"It was a pleasure working with Brandon at De Wever Digital, he helped guide us through the process and jumpstart our online business venture."

Belle Bamboo are a prime example of a client looking for help with both brand and direct marketing, as we also helped to establish their SEO presence and ensure each page and item were properly optimised for purpose.

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