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Why Does a Strong Brand Identity Matter?

Your brand is who you are. It is how your customers and potential customers or clients perceive your worth. A brand identity can impact the performance and success of everyone from major companies to individuals. For example, Bug Light and their recent controversy - they went against their strong, established brand identity and they paid dearly for it.

Brand marketing is different to direct marketing (such as PPC or social media ads) and requires time. You aren't asking for your clients to do something (such as sign up to a newsletter or buy a new outfit), you are asking them to get to know you, to like you, and most importantly to trust you. It is this type of marketing that sees specific brands stand the test of time: think coca-cola, cadburys, mars. A bad, ill-established or non-existent brand identity will likely see your business ill-equipped to hold any sort of longevity. Sometimes a brand is the only thing that makes any difference between you and your competitors.

Whatever line of business you are in it is unlikely that you have reinvented the wheel, so to speak. A great brand, however, could completely derail well-established competitors if it resonates enough with its audience.

What makes a brand?

brand identity brainstorming session

Everything from your logo to the kind of language you use in your copy makes your brand. Are you calm and friendly or luxurious and exclusive? Do you want to seem more approachable than your competitor or more knowledgeable? What sets you apart and how well do you do it?

It's no secret that major corporations spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions, on establishing their brand identity. There's a reason for this. The good news is that you don't need to spend that kind of money to get something good going.

Do you need help establishing your brand identity?

If so, we could help. Reach out to a member of the De Wever team today by emailing info@deweverdigital.co.uk or by filling in our online enquiry form.

Collectively, the team at De Wever Digital have years of experience under their belts. From Search Engine Optimisation to Brand Identity, we have helped businesses across the North West.


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